Sorry we were unable to connect to the chat

Okay, so I’ve read up on a few topics regarding this issue:

Twitch Chat Example
(^this is not my stream chat btw, so RevloBot or Nightbot is not something I use)

And can’t seem to find any solutions.
Some people say this is a global mute that lasts for 2 hours for excessive spam, and it used to be 8 hours.
Two things are not making sense though, I’ve never spammed a chat before, and this has been an issue for over 3 months now.

I tried installing BTTV as someone said it helped them, but it doesn’t fix anything for me. It allows me to read the messages I lost though, if I refresh the page when disconnected.

Anyone got any suggestions?
Tried 3 different browsers, cleaning my cache.
I also tried to log out of twitch when I broadcasted, and that seemed to help. But I’d like to stay connected to my broadcasting account.


This isn’t for site support, this is a developer support forum. Please try

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