Extension Guidelines Question - 4.6.1 - off site linking

Does anyone know which specific sites would be included under the 4.6.1 guideline?

“4.6.1 Off-site links may not refer users to sites that deliver functionality effectively similar to that available on Twitch.tv.”

I assume that means any links to YouTube videos or playlists would be tossed out?


YouTube has Vods and live streaming which is offered by Twitch.

IE The same functionality

In general linking to a help video in the config view seen by the broadcaster only maybe on. But nothing in the viewer/frontend. (Which includes linking to a channel)

Thanks for clarifying, Barry! I figured that was the case.

On the other hand, is there any clear documentation, guidelines or explanation of what is in-fact allowed to link out to?

If the youtube link is 1 step removed, would that be acceptable? i.e. a linktree page with a YT link?

Thanks again!

Only the guidline.

I’m not the review team so I can’t really say yes or no.

if you are trying to put a youtube link in an extension for a viewer to see. It’s counter productive since the streamer is just gonna put it in their about box. So you putting it in the extension is just duplicating content. So to me it doesn’t makes sense to put the streamers YT channel in an extension when the streamer YT channel can go in the about section instead:

Yeah, of course, that makes sense. I know linking directly to YT anywhere else would be against the TOS as well as duplicating functionality.

I guess I’m trying to fully understand what can be linked to, if that is defined anywhere. In any case, I’m trying to grasp fully before building anything, just to have it thrown out during review.