Extension is not rendered for all desktop users

I’m using a private extension for one of our clients, and we got a hard time figuring out what happened but it seems that our extension has not been loaded correctly to 2/3 of our viewers during our last stream.

We got 41.7k views, 78% of them coming from desktop.

But the extension has rendered for only 10.5k views, from what I see in the extension metrics provided by twitch.

That’s the first time we have a gap between extension renders and the numbers of views coming from desktop viewers.

Someone has been facing the same weird behavior? Some ideas that could explain what happened?

  • Adblocker
  • bttv
  • ffz

Embeds not loading extensions

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Thank a lot Barry for the fast answer :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware that bttv or ffz can block extension rendering, how does that happen?

I’m still wondering what happened, as I’m used to have 95% of the viewers rendering the extension, having only 30% of them on this specific stream seems very weird, even if bttv/ffz has a role to play in it

The same way as adblockers do, it either removes the whole element or prevents loading etc.

Also if you are considering a stream done in the last 12 hours, there was reported instability that might have had an effect.

You could add your own methods to track renders, for example, everytime one of my extensions loads, it sends the JWT offsite for fetching the user and other data, so I can use my EBS access logs to correlate the data Twitch sends me on that CSV.

The more data the more you can compare and draw conclusions.

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We track renders on our side, and logs correlate with what Twitch insights show us.

I have done some testing in the last 30min, with FFZ, BTTV and Adblock, on safari, chrome and firefox, but I can’t replicate a behavior where our extension is not loaded or shown :thinking:

The stream had been broadcasted april 23rd, from 6pm to 8pm GMT

Thanks a lot

That’s the option that disables FFZ loading a video extension

It’s possible that users didn’t scroll down and thus a panel extension didn’t render.

TLDR: if your count from your EBS correlates with the Twitch metrics.

Then it could be one of many things that stopped a panel or video extension rendering. Like embeds (no panels at all and Video extensions don’t load).

I anticipate it wasn’t a fault on the Twitch Page itself, just you got a traffic from other sources. Or the panels system didn’t load at all (but that’s usually minor)

TLDR: I wouldn’t worry about it too much myself

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This stream was promoted by Twitch on their homepage, and most of the traffic came from there.

This was a sponsored stream so my client worries a lot about having only 1/3 of what they paid for in terms of engagement, and extension usage :frowning:

I will had to stop developing extensions for top tier brands and get back to quick and dirty chatbot if I can’t guarantee a decent reach.

But to be honest, I suspect another problem as it’s the first time that we don’t get more than 90% of viewers rendering it.

That’ll do it

You get a lot of people watching the stream from the home page, pushing up numbers.

But there are no extensions (or chat) on the home page.

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That could explain a lot of the spread between total views and renders.

Thanks a lot Barry for all this context, I’m now able to contact Twitch to confirm this and finally feedback my client with much more consistent explanations.

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For the future, you might also want to monitor the number of people in chat.

So you can correlated logged in chat viewers with renders. Which should be roughly more similar than comparing it to viewers

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I can confirm that Extensions do not render in the video player for the homepage carousel. That player has a click-capturing overlay that redirects users to the channel page of that stream, so Extensions would not function properly in that context.