Extract all titles from a string

Hi all, is it possible to get all the titles from a video in helix version? I tried to explore the documentation and couldn’t find any solutions for this. Only for the past versions.

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You mean the chapter segments for if a title of a channel is changed during a stream?

This is commonly referred to as “chapters” and has never been supported in kraken or helix.

You can collect it in real time during a stream (via eventsub) but you cannot collect it after the stream

There is a uservoice for this here: Return Tags and Game ID in Get Videos in Helix – Twitch UserVoice

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Thanks a lot for the correction and reply!!!

So the twitchtracker is using this method?
Doesn’t seem the best way to do it … If you want the chapters for all twitchers… will consume a lot of requests…

Most likely

It’s the only way “public tracking sites” can do it.

They likely run a “get all streams” every 15 minutes or so.

It’s a lot easier to operate on channels you have permission to opreate on rather than trying to catch snapshots of the entire site.

Current number of live streams / 100 is the request count. So no, not really.

Get Streams is 100 streams per page.

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Sorry for the “noobie” questions. And thanks a lot for the quick replies!

but you have a limit of 800 requests per minute right? so you "only"get 80000 twitchers chapters per minute …

No it’s not exactly 800 request per minute.

You have 800 points to use and the refill rate is pretty swift, so you’ll likely find if you are trying to snapshot the whole site then you should be able to operate fine.

But really, it feels like, gettign a snapshot of the whole site isn’t a supported use case.

So I only collect the chapters of the streamers I work for. I don’t have much reason to collect and retain data outside of the streamers I work for.

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I don’t know why but have this number on my head! but thanks for the link to clarify this!

True! Thanks for the inputs!

yeah it is 800 points but it’s not quite per minute since I don’t get near the rate limit anyway I’ve not looked into it too much

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