Get channel title/game from the Helix API?

Is there a way to get the current title/game of a channel when it is not active? Using will only work if the stream is active, if the user is offline the data field is an empty array (when querying a specific user).


Uhm, and is it planned to be implemented? A tool of mine is currently using the v3 API (“channels”) to get that info for channels (mostly for offline channels). Now I am being pushed to upgrade to the new API - but how, when it doesn’t support what the old API did?

Helix should have feature parity before v5 is removed

Upgrade to v5

Anyone on v3 is being asked to move to at least v5.

Most of us are using a mix of v5/new API currently until helix has everything that is missing

Thanks, that mix is what I am implementing right now.

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