Find out what a user is watching anywhere on Twitch?

Is it possible to find out what a user is watching at a given point in time? I’m building an application that wants to reward people for watching certain streams at certain times and was hoping there would be a good integration API.

At first it seemed like Drops was the right path, but our company wouldn’t own the games being streamed. We would want to award a user for watching streams on different games at different times.

As an example: A user is watching a specific Overwatch stream during a specific time, we would want to be notified.

Thanks for your help!

I think you’ll find the closest thing to what you want to achieve is the undocumented chatters endpoint:

This will give you a list of users who are currently logged in to chat for that channel. Like all endpoints it is cached so wont be super precise, and the users listed might just be in chat but not even have the stream open. Also, as an undocumented endpoint it might be removed/changed/break at any point.

Thanks! My other workaround was going to be embedding the player (and everything along with it) in our app. Then hopefully watch the events to know when they are there and when they left. But ideally I wanted to keep the Twitch experience the same for the user.

I’ll take a look at this endpoint as described. It’s too bad you can’t get a VHS for an authenticated user. It seems the User’s activity belongs to them so I’d expect to be able to fetch that type of data.

It seems Twitch is constantly adding/improving the APIs so maybe something down the road.

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