Follow API Remote Error


i have a follower api who shows how long someone followed me. i already read that the api changed, but i dont know anything about that and tried to fix it, but i never did things like that. i got my client id but i dont know what exactly i have to do that it shows the right message again. it would be nice if someone could help me, maybe with the right link i have to use. thanks much!

Where is it being used? a web page? then what language?

i am using it on twitch as a command,

that was the old command:


Oh, that 3rd party API is gone now I think. I just made one that should for for you:


hello, thank you it works, BUT there is one thing, it replies like that:

SirBerlinStyle has followed for 11 months 3 days 13 hours 51 minutes 25 seconds

so it says i do follow myself, its not giving the username back who used the command

I added some simple error checking to give a response if the user isn’t following.

i am currently live and my users used the command and it replied to everyone like that, even if they followed or not

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