Follows API Endpoint bugged?

Consider the following


The _total key element says we have 239315 followers (at time of writing)

The last page in theory is about

The result message is:

{“error”:“Forbidden”,“status”:403,“message”:“Offset too high”}

So, something appears to have exploded…

Also to reopen Followers End Point Bug? if you were to iterate thru all “pages” the _total would sometimes be blank/0 if you were to iterate quickly, but I’ve not confirmed this recently.

I’ve just got to $dayjob so I can’t debug further at this time, to see where the “fetch all followers” script is failing.

It’s my “fetch quick” script that is failing (which starts from the last page and works back), my slow script is running and will report back/has run, it failed at an offset of 1700

With the same error, URL same JSON response, Forbidden, 403, offset too high.

I checked another channel: same issue.

I’m also seeing some cases where the same user appears on multiple pages (which I deal with internally), I also see this on the Subscribers of a channel endpoint (which I also deal with internally)

(And can be please allow a larger limit on the followers end point?)

Please read & comment on

In short, this is not a bug (as evidenced by the 4XX response), you are now limited to fetching the 1600 latest or oldest followers.

my bad I forgot to check the issue tracker first!

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