Follower WebHooks API for standalone apps

According to helix webhooks reference guide, if I want to monitor new followers on a channel I would subscribe to ‘/helix/users/follows’ via a POST. One of the params is ‘hub.callback’, a server URL on the internet where the notifications will be delivered.

What if I want to write a desktop app, or a mobile app, that monitors followers?
Is there going to be a way to get the information without having to provide a server, eg in the chat like subs and bits today?

Ya, just implement a web server in your application and you’ll be set :grin: . I kid.

You’re going to want to hit the API on an interval to detect new subs, and probably cache them to an extent. Keep in mind it won’t be “real time” like webhooks are, but it should be sort of close.

You’re probably interested in

Or instead of using v5 use Helix:

There already is:

You can long poll on the topic you would of subscribed to on Webhooks under the helix API.

See Reference | Twitch Developers

GET[user ID]

Webhooks require for the application that is receiving to be accessible from the outside internet inbound to the application. That generally doesn’t happen with a desktop/mobile application. So you will have to long poll. Or implement the server that you don’t want to implement to relay.

hmm I could have sworn I scoured the entire API docs looking for other Helix related API endpoints.

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