Inaccurate number of followers

When using the API to request a list of all followers I am not getting the right number of followers.

I request:
Therefore I am using the cursor and a limit of 100.
Using this method i make a number of requests until I have all followers.

But now the count of the followers I have requested is 2 less than the number in _total.

The reason is that I get two times only 99 follower per request.

I just performed a number of channel follows requests with limit of 100. Got 100 back everytime with the exception of the last request which topped off the follower count. Additionally, the follower count had changed in the time I was fetching all of the followers due to new followers. Perhaps one of these is causing your problem?

What is your user ID or login? If you receive or lose a follower during the request, the counts might be off. This is due to a common issue with REST APIs and offsets: (hint: we got it wrong too)

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The problem occurs when I am requesting the followers of the streamer deraphin. No other user is affected (afaik).
I am continuously getting two followers less than the total number: 2,682 instead of 2,684
This happens all the time by every request. I have tested this today and four days ago.
So this is not a problem of changing followers while requesting.
Additionally, I am not using the offset at all. I am using only the cursor.

Thanks for your help!

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