Game name updated on GiantBomb but not on Twitch

Hi, my game “My Mom is a Witch” was recently renamed to “Son of a Witch”. A couple of days ago I updated the name in the GiantBomb database, but it still shows the old name on Twitch.

Is there anything else I should do to make the update go through? If not, how long does it usually take? Thanks.

This should be updated. Take a look and make sure!

Hi, when I log into my developer dashboard: I still see the old name.


However, when I do the search, the new name comes up here:

Does this mean that it’s all alright and I don’t have to worry about the name displayed in the developer dashboard?


Yep. Don’t have to worry about the developer dashboard. We’re looking to fix that particular display problem in the dashboard. Sorry about that!

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