General question ( chat bot with alerts )


Some time ago I started to develop a chat box with C#, to have a points system and all this typical stuff.

The thing is when I started with alerts, I found the deprecated API, and then PubSub and New Api. In PubSub I can recieve alerts when user subscribes to my channel and when someone send bits, but I can’t find information about recieving Follow, Raid or Host alerts. How do you do that?

My question is, what API should I use to have all alerts using same system? Or at least, what API should I use to revieve follow, host and raid alerts.

Thanks a lot for your time, I know it’s a general question, but the truth is that I’ve been looking this a lot of time but I didn’t found an answer.

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Hm interesting, I’ll take a look into them, thank you man.

I really don’t know, why they are not using the same system to get events from everything…It would be simplier to developers :confused:

Hosts you either login to chat with chat_login as the broadcaster (euw)


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