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Hey guys!

So today I’ve ran into a small problem: We are currently offering analytic solutions for a few esports clubs where they can track twitch streams.

In the old API there was a follower count integrated and easily accesible. In the new API however I see a big issue in querying multiple channels. In our example: We do have 1.200 unique channels listed. We do not require people to log in with Twitch, everyone can enter whoever he wants to track.

However, taking into account that helix only offers a total of 120 requests with our app access token per minute, we would need around 10 minutes to update all the followers. Not taking into account as this point that we also have to target multiple other APIs for view count, online status.

I checked the docs and there was no way of providing multiple ?to_id’s in the get follows API. Is there any other way of handling this? Otherwise we might need to request an API amount request, however this looks kinda silly to me for just the fact that we want to query multiple followers.

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Just wanted to bring that up again really quick. I guess it’s still better to use the old API in that case?

The old API sims better in many ways unfortunately

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