Getting data from chat embed

I am working on embedding Twitch stream and chat to my website. I would like it to fit really tight esthetic wise.
It’s all nice when user uses standard configuration, but it gets fucked when he uses chat in darkmode by default. I would like to determine if he have chat in darkmode

From what I know due to cross-origin policy it’s not possible to access data of twitch embed’s iframe interior.

Does anyone now about anything working around this problem?
If not for everyone, would it be possible if user is authorised on my website?


This isn’t possible to do. There’s no way to access the data and it’s likely we would never allow you to alter a user’s settings anyway.

@Fire I dare to say OP is not the first to want this. Altering the user’s settings was never on the table. A way to access preferred theme, read-only, would suffice.

@asterius Having a check box switching your page’s theme is the only current work around.

@asterius you can always use something like tmi.js, make your own chat implementation and style it as you wish.

Great idea. I made a working websocket-only implementation in JS a while back that never amounted to anything. You can have a look at that as well. (I can’t guarantee that the parsing of IRC is up to standards, but I never encountered problems)

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