GetUserEmotes Endpoint update?


Does anyone know if the GetUserEmotes endpoint on v5 of the API now includes the users unlocked bit emotes and will it also contain unlocked animated emotes and follower emotes?

If not, is there a Helix alternative, or any alternative at all, to get a users unlocked emotes sets?

The IRC USERSTATE emote-sets, does not seem to have been updated to include bit tier emotes or follower emotes or animated emotes.


A Helix endpoint for getting the authenticated user’s emotes has been requested here: Get the authenticated user's emotes (equivalent to existing Kraken endpoint) – Twitch UserVoice

Thanks, couldn’t find that one. Have just voted. Do you know of any other current way to get a users unlocked emotes (that includes bit, follower etc)? I was thinking of using the getChannelEmotes, then checking if a user is subbed(at what tier), followed and what bit tier they are, but this would take lots of API calls, which I would rather not do.

Ideally, I would just like the IRC USERSTATE emote-sets to include all of the users emote set ID’s. It doesn’t seem to have been updated for a long time.

I don’t know of any way to get all of the user’s emotes currently. As you already observed, the USERSTATE tags don’t seem to contain all types of emotes a user can have, and neither does the newly released emotes API.

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