Having trouble setting up TwitchChatOverlay for VR

I recently started doing VR in my streams (specifically for Half Life: Alyx) and during my first stream yesterday I was made aware of a method to allow my Twitch chat to be visible to me while I play in VR. So I got the app thing, and I’m stuck because I don’t know what to do about OAuth. I looked over the part of Twitch’s help section involving OAuth code, but I struggle to understand how to use it. I’ve never done this before for Twitch, and the OAuth assistance section seems primarily geared for developers, not consumers of these apps/extensions. If someone could explain what I’m supposed to do I’d very much appreciate it.

For clarity, the app has 3 fields for me to fill; 2 of them involve my username so they aren’t an issue, and the other one is requesting my OAuth Key which is what I’m having trouble with because idk how to get one and I don’t understand the way Twitch explains it.

Ask the developer of the app you are using.

What you are asking is beyond the scope of this forum, and you should have instructions from the App creator on what to do.

Or if you are using an oculus, just use oculus Dash and snap an open chat window in place.
Or generally people use OVR Toolkit, and that does the same (but works on all headsets), it’ll grab an existing window thats open on your computer and pin it to your hand.

okay, thank you for the heads up. I will try to contact the developer.

Yeah basically the issue is that app should be able to handle oAuth itself, you shouldn’t have to deal with any copy/paste schenangians.

And I don’t know what to tell you to go and do becuase I don’t know anything about the app you are trying to use when you could just open a browser window to https://twitch.tv/channel/chat and then just pin that in space instead, no special app needed.

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