Helix Followed Live Streams returning empty user_name field

As the title suggest, while working on a little script to get live followed streams I’ve noticed alot of the times when a stream goes live the user_name field is empty and isn’t filled until a few requests later (polling every 15s, to try and catch streams going live faster)

just curious if this might be a bug or something else

Thats your issue.

You are hammering the API to offten.

Generally speaking you should only “request the same data” no more than once per minute.

If you want more accurate stream going live data, then you want EventSub, as EventSub will notify you when a stream goes live as soon as twitch has confirmed the stream is active and stable.

Additionally the item missing is the display name, potentially the least useful bit of data and often kept cached by developers from calling users once per 24 hours or just caching it in general. (The login is useful for consructing URL’s, the display name not so much).

You may want to open this as a helix bug report on the GitHub - Issues · twitchdev/issues · GitHub , but you are polling too often and you are just hitting a “race condition”. As this hasn’t been a thing I’ve observed, however generally speaking I’m using EventSub and I don’t have a hydration issue with that (but like I suggested I don’t do anything with the display name as I already have that cached from a pervious data collect run)

Thanks for the reply. I’ve never really thought to use EventSub, but mainly because i’ve never looked/used it. Mostly used to using v5/helix.

EventSub will be nicer for you.

Saves you hammering the API and Twitch will “phone you” when a stream goes live/offline

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