/helix/streams shows offline even though the streamer is actually live

I’m using webhooks. when I receive a “streamer going live” request I monitor streamer’s status (viewers, title etc) every 30seconds for the duration of their stream and I’m doing this for over 300 streamers, I remember last month I had a similar situation where a streamer would go live but I wouldn’t get a request from the webhook nor the /helix/streams would actually show the data for streamer ( even thought you could watch the streamer live on twitch. ) the “data” array would just be empty ( similar to when the streamer is offline ) but suddenly everything worked for that specific streamer till now, I have another streamer which would go live without me knowing, my question is, is it a known issue? is there anything I can do to prevent or at least know when something like this has happened?
p.s: I’ve asked a friend of mine with another access token to try it out, same result for both of us.

Sometimes there is just issues with the reporting of certain streams once in a while. Unless it’s a persistent issue for prolonged periods of time there’s not much you can do.

Also polling the streams endpoint every 30 seconds is somewhat excessive as all Twitch API endpoints use caching, and if you poll too frequently you can even run into a circumstance where you hit 1 cache server on one request, then on the next you hit a stale cache server that shows different (and older) data. It’s generally recommended to not make the same requests more than once every minute at most.

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