HELP: html Extension

I’m trying to create a personal extension that will only run on my channel so people can see a leaderboard.

I have the project on github And really what I would like is for the extension to display the web page, in this case the index.html

But no matter how much I put the address where the files are hosted, nothing is displayed.

I’m new to this world so I imagine I do 8 million things wrong.

Does anyone recommend a video guide or give me a hand?

Data from my github project:

Your Testing Base URI would be

Your HTML file doesn’t include the TwitchJS Extension helper, And thus doesn’t invoke onAuthorised

This should result in your HTML be loading but Twitch thinking it didn’t as your Extension didn’t tell Twitch’s Extension JS helper that it’s ready

Additionally, an extension likely will not be permitted to load content from GitHub upon release so you need to find somewhere more appropriate to store your data sources

See 2.13:

2.13 Public hosted domains should have a unique identifier or the url must be on a private domain.

So the github project is not worth it to me, even if I only intend to use it locally and am not going to publish it?

Isn’t there a way for the extension panel to load an HTML you’ve already created on another site?

Sure but no viewers will be able to see it

The problem is your extension is loading data from github.
But if you are never gonna publish it then no viewer will ever see it.
I assumed you were intended to review queue it, soce I noted the rules.

As long as the HTML invokes the JS helper sure.

Allowlist Dashboard URL
Comma-separated list of URLs that your extension’s viewer page can open

I tried this CSP thing to let me load a URL from another website but it doesn’t work either.

Would I have to make the project from scratch and upload it to another site or would it work the way it is hosted on Twitch?

Without checking I suspect github is blocking that.

Depends on the error you are getting