Help with drops (signup not working?)

Hi mods, I assume that I posted on an archived post or something so my original comment hasn’t come up on anyone’s radar:

Keeps telling me to sign up again (I’ve validated the dev signup at least twice), following steps in the above thread. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.

Natalie- Double Eleven

Hey, Natalie!

I looked into this based on the other thread, and we don’t have a signed contract for Double Eleven. There is a button directly underneath the Configure VHS button inside the Dev Portal ( that will take you through the contract flow. Is that button there for you?


You know, the moment you ask someone for support is always the same moment that the sign up button decides to open the agreement and not just make you sign up again! Thanks Dallas, I’m all sorted now :slight_smile:

Natalie- Double Eleven

Great! Glad you got sorted. I just grabbed a screenshot for you and came back to post it. :slight_smile:

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