HOSTTARGET viewer count number is always 0

Hello everyone,

Basing on the v5 docu, HOSTTARGET includes a number of viewers: HOSTTARGET #hosting_channel :target_channel [number]

In my test enviroment as well as in production I always recieve a number of 0.

Is anyone else experiencing the same behavior?


I believe, and stand to be corrected, but the count is only shown where #hosting_channel == broadcaster

You only get a count if you are receiving the host (in your chat)
Or if you are giving the host from your chat.

As far as I can tell, it worked, at least for a limited time, for every channel

That piece of documentation is from a pull request and I dont think it was ever confirmed to be the number of viewers, only assumed to be so.

Would it be possible that somebody from Twitch is responding and/or updating the documentation?

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