How can I find out what Channels I am a Moderator in?

There used to be an app available that allowed an individual to check to see what channels they were moderated in, and all the channels that they follow.

I know it’s possible to still access the follows through API, but is there an API available to determine what channels I am a Moderator in without having to check every single channel I follow.

I feel It would be a nice feature to have for personal use.

My understanding of the app, and probably the reason the feature is gone, is it would also allow you to scan other users as well; I’d simply like to be able to scan for myself, to include channels I do not follow.

No, there isn’t an API available at this time to find your moderator status.

You’re probably talking about my mod checker. You can inspect the site with dev tools to find the API it uses, but it’s heavily cached and I don’t support 3rd party use of it.


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