How do the large bots get around the message rate limit?

I can’t imagine the bots like Nightbot and Moobot are really only sending 100 messages every 30 seconds.

Also, a few questions regarding the limit;

  1. If I have one I.P address, but multiple connections, does that still increase my limit?
  2. Is the limit per account or global across all accounts connecting via the aforementioned connection/IP? IE: If I have AutoYama and AutoYama2 do I get an artificially increased limit, or is it still 100 messages/30 seconds between the two accounts?

The rate limits are applied on a per-connection basis; not per-account, or per-ip. The way large bots get around rate limiting is by spawning more connections. That is to say, if you had two connections to twitch’s chat servers, and the first one sends 100 messages to a stream’s chat, you could use the 2nd connection to send another 100 messages within the same 30 second time period.

The reason large bots often have multiple IPs is their developers make use of cluster computing to spread the bot across multiple hosting services to ensure uptime and such


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