How long does it take to get a new game added to Twitch?


Our upcoming game Fighting Fantasy Legends was added to and approved by Giant Bomb last week. How long does it take to show up in the Twitch directory as I’d like to add box art, it’s not out yet but we’d like to Stream it in a couple of weeks just before it’s released, and I’d like the box art to be on ready for the stream.

Becs, Nomad Games


Your game shows up on Twitch already:

To add box art, you can login to your dev portal account at and add the box art there.


Hi don’t think I was set up in the Dev portal, I filled in the details last week, how long does it take for authorisation to come through? We’re Nomad_Games on Twitch. Thanks.

Your account should be set up. We can retrigger the invite email. I’d check your spam, too, just to make sure.

Yes if you could resend the invite I’d appreciate it. Thanks

The invite email was sent again.

It’s just not coming through it’s for this account and email address is I submitted some box art last week for Fighting Fantasy Legends as we’re doing a pre-release Stream on Friday with gaming legend Ian Livingstone, and we’re scheduled to be on the twitch home page. However it would be great if I could get us registered through the Dev Portal so we can submit the box art ourselves. Thanks Becs

My coworker Anushri will be reaching out to you directly. The email address on file for the dev portal is a person’s email address (yours, I think?) and isn’t socialmedia@nomadgames.

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