How to continue saving followers of a channel from a certain point?

I have a little tool written in node.js which sends requests to the twitch API and receives packages. I have this function which saves the followers of a given channel . My problem is that sometimes I need to restart the tool, but I don’t want to get packages with followers from the beginning. Is there a way with the help of the cursor to start to receive packages from a certain point?

try {
function findCursor() {
    db.collection('channelmodels').findOne({_id: currentChannel}, function (err, userData, user) {
        if (userData == null) {
            console.log("channelmodel not in DB");
        } else if (userData != null) {
            cursorInDB = userData.cursor;
            console.log("cursor " + cursorInDB);
            alreadyInDB = true;

console.log("newstart " + newStart);
if (cursorInDB != null && newStart) {
    followerURL = beginningOfURL + currentChannel + "/follows?cursor=" + cursorInDB + "&direction=ASC&limit=" + 
 } catch (e){
   var fs = require('fs');
   fs.appendFile("undefinedLog.txt",  "undefined property at findCursor body._cursor"  + new Date().toLocaleString() + 
   " + "\r\n");


I have this piece of code, but either I am doing something wrong or twitch isn’t consistent with the cursors, because sometimes after a restart it begins to save the followers from the last saved cursor, and sometimes it doesn’t.

Thank you in advance!

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