How to get access to the Bits API?


I’m fairly new to Twitch extension development, but am working on something that will utilize bits. How do I go about getting access to the Bits beta? I sent a couple emails weeks ago requesting access but never heard anything from Twitch. There’s obviously tons of extensions using Bits now… am I missing something?


The answer to that is most likely no, got in a bit late.

I did the same and didn’t get in.

Twitch have mentioned the end of July for public release.

You may be able to ask for the documentation on bits in extensions.

The only other option is waiting for release.

Ahhh bummer. Thanks for the heads up @LuckyNoS7evin.

Hey @trevorhinesley -

Bits-in-extensions is now available for anyone to try - if you missed it, check out the blog post here for details:


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Thanks @Diogee!