Installing Bits-enabled Extensions as a developer

Hello - if I am a developer at the moment it is not possible to install other people’s Bits-enabled Extensions to check them out and see how things are done, unless I am an Affiliate. Is there any way that Twitch can change this? I have no real wish to live stream anything myself and therefore will not be an Affiliate any time soon/ever

Right now, there is no way for you to be tagged as a developer. So you can’t bypass the rule.

Why not just contact the developer and ask? Especially since you’ll only see what the front end is doing and none of what the backend/EBS is doing

Some will say yes and some will say “no, why are you trying to steal my stuff”. Or you can ask on the dev forums how to do something and someone can answer if the docs are not clear.

That said. The actual bits functions are basically the same. Anything else is specific IP to an extension on layout and flow on how their shop exists and runs.

Further more it’s pretty easy to just go and lift the code off the twitch servers and run it in the dev rig yourself.