How to get emote list in your outgoing messages?

If I request “tags” capability, each PRIVMSG has an “emotes” tag that tells what character ranges to replace with what emote IDs. But for messages I’m sending, I don’t get any PRIVMSG back. How can I get that emotes list for my own messages, so I can display them with emotes?

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The preferred way is to use your emoteset from USERSTATE (that you can get with the commands capability) to get a list of emotes the client can use and replace them in the message using the emote codes yourself. The other option is to open another connection to the channel to listen to your own messages, though it is both a bit unreliable and will be delayed.

So I’d have to replace the text with emotes myself? I don’t know the exact logic the server uses. Are the codes regular expressions?

Case-sensitive regex (although only the smileys contain actual regex or even special characters these days) surrounded by spaces or end of string.

OK. I think it’d be nice if there were an option to have your messages echoed back to you though. That would save having to fetch and parse the emote sets, and tell you whether it went through and/or got ***ed along the way.

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