How to know game meta on new twitch api

i want to know how i can find the game meta from new twitch api
i try :
but this endpoint provided only 3 field for me etc. box_art, id and name

What sort of meta data are you looking for?

i want to sort by viewer

Games/top is sorted by viewers already. It just doesn’t return the view counts in the response

If you wanted the actual view counts

You’d have to call games/top then call streams filtering by game_id load a a few pages and math it up yourself.

So call

Grab a gameID (so Just Chatting is 509658)

Call load a few pages and add up the viewer_count

Generally speaking, for various reasons Twitch no longer calculates the totals of things for you, so you have to math it yourself.

This is what I want.
thank for help. :thailand: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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