How to manage more than 50 users per client_id?

According to the Twitch Api Reference

The API limits the number of active access tokens associated with a given refresh token. The limit is 50 token per client/user (that is, a user can only have 50 tokens live at a time per client ID).

I have an application where I have more than 50 users who have linked their Twitch account. I do not want them to have to log in all the time (because i have > 50 accounts who want my api to make requests on their behalf).

How can I continuously keep all of the accounts tokens alive if I have more than 50 accounts?

It is a requirement that the user does not have to log into Twitch every time they use my application.

The error you state

Refers to having 50 active acces tokens per user per client ID

Not per client ID total

if you generate 50 tokens for user fred, the 51st token for user fred will kill token one

You can have infinity users authorised to your client ID

does that mean i just need to refresh the token of the ones that were killed and we will be okay?

A given user access token is only valid for four hours/whatever the expires_in is

So yes, basically

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