Limite conexion at the same time

I’m working on an application that will be able to connect to Twitch, so I have a Twitch application. What would happen if 200 people were to connect to my application at the same time through Twitch? Would that be a problem?
If after logging in the application asks once for the information of each person who has just logged in, would there be a problem?
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What do you mean problem?

What issue due you anticipate for their to be a problem?

Would the twitch api block my application on the cretain connection of the clients following the number of requests?


Since you’d be authenticating with the users own token that logged in as.
So it’s just a spike in usage by your client ID

yes, but for authentication the client uses the client ID of the application.

The ClientID and the users token as generated by the ClientID.

There shouldn’t be an issue.

In fact everything works because I use the user’s token to make my requests ?


As long as you keep within the rate limits then you are all good.

Even then you’ll just get 429’s and only in some cases will Twitch block you, and when that does they’ll usually reach out to the owner of the ClientID. To point out the probable coding error.

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