HTTPS on Webhooks

Hello !

I have been working on connecting an Arduino (ESP8266) to the TwitchAPI webhooks. Everything works fine for the follower method, but it seems that I need a HTTPS to request from subs and cheers. I can request them correctly with the New API, and I get a 202 from the server.

Where it begins to crash, is that when I try to use a HTTPS server, even the follower method that works fine with HTTP, does not after changing the server. I can request my little project outside of my local network but I need to validate my certificate manually.

I created a HTTPS Server on the ESP8266 but I use a self signed certificate to keep the project cost as low as possible.

As Twitch use certified communication : does Twitch really matter of the certificate used on the Server ? Do I need to create a authentified certificate ?

Thanks for your answers !

Can’t use a self signed cert.

Get a free cert from

Thanks for the tip, I’ll try it !

Generally speaking all things that do webhook type stuff, don’t accept self signed certs, as there is no way to validate those, because they are self signed.

Okay ! Thanks for your answers.
Unfortunatly, I will not include Webhooks in my project : as you said, I need a certificate, so a domain name and it is someting that I think is too complicated for people to build this project.
I will stay on the pooling method.
Anyway, thanks a lot for your help !

Quick update.
I found out that I can have a free domain name with my internet provider. So I created a SSL certification.
However, I can subscribe to the webhooks, but it seems that Twitch does not answer the “hub.challenge”, or I am listening wrong on my server. Thing that disturbs me a lot is that it works for the “follower” indication with http, but does not once I use https.
I can access my domain name and my equipement fairly easily outside of my local network. I just do not get why it is working one way but not the other.
Thanks for the help !

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