I cant send whisper to a user from irc

Hello Dear Developers,

I’m trying develop a chat-bot. I want send whisper from bot. When bot connected my own channel from irc It can send whispers to me. But only me. Can’t send anyone. Do you have an idea about it?


Bot’s cannot send “unsolicited whispers”

A “unsolicited whisper conversation” is one that is initiated by a bot.

Bots should generally reply to a user in the same medium that they asked.

IE if command is run in a channel, run it in the channel, if a whisper in a whisper.

See also Have a chat/whisper bot? Let us know! and many many threads about the “issue”

Umm not sure what barry is talking about. I thought he understood from past threads but I guess he still doesnt. This has nothing to deal with being a bot or person. Twitch has had this issue for a long time that it wont let users send a whisper from TCP irc clients if they have never whispered them before using the browser. Again this has literally nothing to deal with being a bot and is also not some precaution to prevent spamming. Its a bug that twitch has ignored fixing for awhile but I am sure they’re aware of it since there has been a lot of threads about it. I am guessing there is some reason they havent been able to fix the bug they just havent come out and told us.

Again just to reiterate, this has nothing to deal with being a bot. I have tried to send whispers just through my regular irc client I have and it does not let me. I am not a bot and it still didnt work for me. So it has nothing to deal with being a bot.

Sorry i didn’t clarify

Under general operation the only things that should be sending over a TCP connection to TMI is a bot. No matter if a biological or program is on the other end.

Normal users operate via the website. And I class everything not over the website as a bot for the sake of simplification of arguments

Anything where you must manually enter your oauth key assigned via a clientID is a bot

Apologies for the breakdown in terminology

Either way, I pointed out the problem and suggested a fix based on my experience of bot building across multiple networks. You’ve just told me I’m wrong and proposed no solution to the issue. (I’m really annoyed that I can’t find the RFC document about bots and responding in same medium, but hey who wants to be RFC compliant anyway)

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