Introducing Extension Feedback for Developers

We’re rolling out a new way for broadcasters to provide feedback directly to developers about their Extension experience.

What’s new?

We’re introducing a rating and feedback module that allows broadcasters to provide insight into how an Extension is working for their channel. This feedback gives broadcasters the ability to rate whether they would recommend an Extension to other streamers and provide direct commentary to the developer as to why or why not. Ratings and feedback are requested after a broadcaster finishes their stream with an Extension to ensure the feedback is relevant to a recent experience. The module will be displayed via a notification available within the notification bell on Twitch.

Why are we adding this product?

Today, the majority of interaction between broadcasters and Extension developers occurs via a support email link on the detail page. This feedback module release creates a more direct connection between Streamers and Developers. We believe that creating this feedback loop will enable developers to continuously improve their extensions using direct feedback from the Streamers who use them.

What is the future of the product?

In the future we may explore ways to feed this feedback data back into the extensions store through items like recommendations or testimonials.

How do I get started?

Feedback files will be delivered to developers via Extension Analytics in the developer site. Feedback will be anonymous, but developers will be able to see how an individual rated their experience and comments that were submitted. You can expect to see feedback files begin appearing in your Insights Portal in the first few months of 2020. We’ll update this post when the feature is in production.

Update (2020/04/03): Developer Access to Extension Feedback is Now Available


I’d love to be able to followup, even anonymously, that if they submit an issue, that the issue has been tracked/fixed/etc too.


One small recommendation for the future. I’m excited to see that the feedback module will be displayed after a stream, however it would also be great to capture feedback on an uninstall. I’m really interested in the unfiltered feedback on why they disliked it so much they wanted it completely gone. :wink:


It would be great to have a way to reply to the comments, without starting a conversation, so we can tell the users “Ok I saw your feedback I will work on it”.
Would be great to give some kind of recognition on the feedbacks.

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