iOS support and testing

I develop new build for extension and working on mobile view for it. Already succeed on testing for Android (from 5 to 9). Also want to test it on iOS, but have no response from support team email (xxxxxx) since 1st of July.
From docs:

If you develop a mobile extension for iOS, please set up an Apple developer account (if you do not already have one), then contact Twitch (xxxxxx) to add iOS support.

I have an Apple dev account, but don’t know how to set it on the extension. Is it must be written on meta tag in view? Or mobile.html should be signed in some json file? What should I do for it?

From this point I decide to pull new version to review, to have an Android version first. But it was rejected with description:

Policy 3.1
Your mobile Extension does not support all of the required OS versions. We were unable to load your extension on any mobile device.

I think it may be caused by iOS support, because Android version works well.

Post updated by staff to remove the email address that is no longer in use. Please refer to this documentation page for the latest process to request iOS support.

3/5 business days is about average for a response.

The weekends are not business days

And July 4th was a holiday.

So you’ll need to wait Monday/Tuesday for a response.

Twitch takes the TeamID you emailed them on that email and adds it to the Twitch iOS Whitelist. So you need to wait for a response from Twitch.

But an extension doesn’t “require” to work on iOS I believe, so it sounds like it failed to load for them on Android

Ok, thank you for the info — didn’t know about response time (and forgot about 4th of July, actually).

Ok, I’ll continue testing on different devices, thank you for advice!