How do I provide my Apple Developer Account?

Hi there.
I released extension with mobile version. In android OS, it works well and it doesn’t work in IOS.
You said I must provide my apple developer account in IOS, but I don’t know where do I provide.

My client id is ‘io13xbuokrq5kt50e8qdducykfrwgx’ and my developer account is ‘’

Can you help me?

Note: Due to requirements recently communicated to us by Apple, Extensions support on iOS devices (including the ability to test on iOS) is now restricted to Apple Developer Program members. If you develop a mobile extension for iOS, please make sure you have an Apple developer account, and then contact Twitch developer support to add iOS support.

Yes, I know. The link ‘Twitch developer support’ is this community site here. What do I do in this community site?

This used to be the way to do it but something has changed at Twitch and the correct link is missing from the contact page.

I’ll ping someone at Twitch for the new method but it’ll be a few until Twitch is online

Is there anyone who can solve this problem?

did you find the contact to request iOS extension permissions?

No. I didn’t find. Maybe, extension can’t work in IOS.

Last they mentioned on the Twitchdev Weekly show yesterday, they are aware the process is broken, and they are working on figuring out the new process to submit them, but nothing has been announced yet.

Any updates on this? I’d like to pass my apple developer account in as well.