IRC - Receiving Notifications

Hi all,

I’m having some trouble understand how to get notifications (e.g. 'Bits") using IRC. Are these notifications automatically received when I log onto the server and enter a room? If not, what do I need to do to start receiving them? I’m fairly new to IRC programming so any assistance figuring this out would be a great help.

If you want to keep it within IRC, then the only way to monitor for Bits is to send the CAP REQ: "". So when someone sends bits, there is a bit tag shown, below is a example response with tags (there is more that is sent, but I have removed extra stuff we are not looking for.):

@badges=subscriber/6,bits/1000;bits=100;color=;display-name=Larklen;emotes=; :larklen! PRIVMSG :cheer100

The ‘bits/1000’ shows what bits badge the user currently has and the tag ‘bits=100’ is how many bits where sent in that message (we can see the user sent the message ‘cheer100’.

So on your end, you would monitor for valid bits on a per message basis.

The alternative to IRC tags is the Twitch PubSun system found here but it does not go through IRC.

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