IRC Specific Notices

Main Issue

I was testing the NOTICE Twitch IRC command and came across something peculiar. There are a set of msg-id tags that are only sent when chat commands are sent via IRC and not via the chat window. I’m not sure if this is the intended behavior, but this is what I observed.

Effected msg-id tags:



In a chat room where emote only mode is already enabled and I type /emoteonly in the chat window, I can see the NOTICE being printed in chat, but don’t get any NOTICE through IRC. However when I try and enable emote only mode via IRC under the same circumstances, I actually get the expected response back:

< "PRIVMSG #rokubotto .emoteonly"
> "@msg-id=already_emote_only_on NOTICE #rokubotto :This room is already in emote-only mode."

Misc Issues

Among the various msg-id tags that are documented, there was one that I could not replicate either via chat or IRC, bad_host_hosting.

Edit: Turns out this was another chat window vs IRC issue. I was able to replicate this by trying to host the same channel twice through IRC. The main issue still persists.

Unless I am misunderstanding your issue everything is working as indented. You only receive those “feedback” NOTICES back over the same connection that triggered it. So if you issue the command in webchat you will see the response only there. Likewise if issues over IRC than the response is only sent back to that client.

… or are you saying the the msg-id tag is omitted over webchat/websocket IRC but the NOTICE is still sent.

Oh okay, that makes more sense. I thought that all notices get sent via IRC regardless of their source.

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