Is it possible to get a live stream programmatically?


What I want to do is… Connect to a live stream programmatically so that I can save it to file or re-stream it. Why? Because I’m behind a proxy/firewall, and I can’t access Twitch, but I can access my own server. (For the record, I know the risks involved doing this)

I have searched about how to do this and looks like Twitch doesn’t allow you to do this anymore, mainly because of the ads/TOS. Is this true?

If it’s possible, could someone guide me?

Thanks in advance.

This section is for API related questions. I believe you posted in the wrong section.

You mentioned you have a server you can reach. Depending on the firewall settings at your location you have apparently found a hole. I don’t think it’s right to evade a firewall or net filter. It’s there for a reason. BUT it would be fairly trivial to tunnel/vpn/proxy through your server to load the page exactly as it should be with ads and all. You should be able to watch live streams and records/VODs all over the site as if you were normally connected.

My final tip for you is if the server is linux, google “ssh tunnel” and if the server is Windows, google “windows vpn server setup”

PS, if you are banned and trying to evade, may god have mercy on your soul.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m full aware of the risks involved while doing this. And I didn’t find a hole. I’m accessing my server as I normally access any website on the internet. I’m not evading anything.

I would have done what you suggest, a tunnel, but (mind you I’m not an expert) all connections go through a main proxy. I don’t have direct internet access so to speak.

The main question is… is it allowed or not? to connect directly into a live stream.

I’d venture to say that it is not allowed to separate the stream from ads. What @matt_thomas said is a solution, and fully possible between any two computers with Internet.

Unless you’re sitting in China I suppose there is a good reason for the firewall (school network?). Circumventing this could lead to consequences.

Thank you for your reply.

I’m full aware of the consequences. I don’t want to skip the ads too. I just want to connect directly to the stream.

The ads are not part of the actual stream, just overlayed in the same player.

Speaking for myself, the reason I stress the consequences is that I don’t want to be accessory in breaking any rules set up by your school. Most importantly, your solution is most likely in violation of Twitch ToS.

The only supported methods of viewing streams is through the official players. Anything else would technically be a violation of the terms of service so you are not going to find information how to do that here.


Using a bypass like a VPN likely won’t work in your situation as they (whom are doing the blocking) are blocking the TYPE of traffic (video streaming) and not Twitch Specifically, so bypassing would do nothing, and stick out like a sore thumb in those doing the monitoring monitoring programs. As they have a network to protect from wasting network resources and bandwidth.


If the person could setup an SSL/IPSec tunnel(HTTPS proxy) it would be over 443 (Which was confirmed allowed) and encrypted(between client on proxy/vpn) to hide what types of traffic. I think a specifically configured VPN/Proxy would do the job just fine.

I was more thinking bandwidth monitoring. Anywho straying from the point :stuck_out_tongue:

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