Is it possible to know if a user has a verified phone number?

I want to create an app using the Twitch API, but I only want users with verified phone numbers to have access to it to reduce spam and prevent easy misuse. Is there a way I can get a boolean value from the new API to know whether or not the authenticated Twitch account has a verified phone number?

This information is not currently exposed in the API.

Sounds like you need a uservoice to request this functionality

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Thanks, I have now created a UserVoice post for that here:

If the email is in the get users response then the users email is verified. (assuming you also called with the email scope. If the email is not verified then no email is returned by get users (when calling with the email scope.



You can also ask the openID auth method to return only verified email address

So half your uservoice is asking for what the Get Users endpoint already does. Since it either reutrns an email address (if verified and you have the scope) or no email address.

See also this older Uservoice, regarding 2fa

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Ah, ok, didn’t notice that. It would still be very useful to have phone_verified, since that’s more secure. 2FA being enabled is different, I wouldn’t really need the status of that

That is debatable!

You can get throw away numbers as easily as you can emails.
And theres some push back on phone verification due to regional issues or other matters. So it might not be as suitable as you think.

I don’t disagree but, worth noting that the comment that @jbulava made on the 2fa post is relevant about “data/privacy security” on if a 2FA flag coule be added. The same applies to a phone number (even if that phone number itself is not visible.

Some accounts might not have an email, or might not have a phone.
Since you can create an account with one or the other (or both)
And choose not to go to channels that require verification.

Which sure you would deny access to your app from if that option wasn’t on their Twitch account.

TLDR: I don’t expect Twitch to add “is this user phone verified” to the API any time soon. (check the age on the 2fa UV for example)

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