Is there a more in-depth roadmap for the new API?

I’m using the new Twitch API, but I really need the ability to programmatically follow a user as well as check if user a is subscribed to user b.

Since this feature is pretty important to our application, it’s looking like I’ll need to switch to the v5 API for the time being.

This leads me to my question: where is the best place to find up-to-date information about the new API? I’m aware of the Trello roadmap, but that really doesn’t tell me when or if the features I need are going to launch.

On another note, is it possibly to specify scopes for both v5 and the new API and use their endpoints interchangeably? I’m thinking that this would allow me to implement the features I need from v5 without having to redo all I’ve done in the new API.



Upon trying it out, it seems like you can use scopes from either API and call to both the new and v5 endpoints.

@kieraneglin I’m in a very similar boat right now. My main concern is whether all the features of V5 are going to be integrated into the new Twitch API?

The plan afaik is that helix will have feature parity with v5 before v5 is removed


Thanks. I figured that to be the case but you never know. It definitely creates a weird divide in our code for the time being but I guess its only for a year :stuck_out_tongue:

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