Scope of user_follows_edit in Helix?

I am writing a new application (in Flutter / Dart) – and want to use (if I should) the proper API. It appears V5 is deprecated so looking at using the “new” API (helix). However, in the old API there is a scope of “user_follows_edit” … and nothing at all that I can see that is equivalent in Helix.

Also – what I want to do is see the users (after he’s authenticated) channels they are following and add "our’ channel (hence the scope request). However, I am not grokking in the new API what the equivalent would be versus V5.

Is there a page that helps developers transition from V5 to “new” in terms of equivalent calls, scopes, etc? I can’t see to find a migration aid page but maybe I just am not searching for the right topics?



Not currently, perhaps soon…

It’s not in Helix yet.

v3 is about to be killed
v5 is going to be about until Helix has feature parity. At the moment there is no death date !

Thanks for the info Barry! I presume when you said “…there is death date” you mean there is NO death date since Helix isn’t up to V5 yet. :slight_smile: I’;ll use V5 for now and hopefully the conversion to Helix won’t be too bad in the future…

I can keyboard type words good!

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