Is there any way to change current time of twitch VOD?

Hi guys,

I wanna ask is there any way to change the current playing time of a twitch video. The only way I know is adding ?t on URL but that will reload the page.

This has been asked in the Extensions Category, so,

This cannot be done from a Twitch Extension.

A panel is sandboxed to a panel
And a overlay/component only shows on a live stream not a VOD.

if in fact

You mean a “Embedding Everything” aka “Video & Clip that as been embedded” then as per

You can use the seek() function to seek to a time in seconds.

I’m not sure if I’m using ‘VOD’ correctly. What I mean is something like Yeah I know the embedding api. Is it possible to replace the player element on the webpage by embedding a new one with the same video ID, which means you can get the player object and call seek() function.

Hover over the video player and use the controls to seek

It’s weird. For videos on other platform like Youtube. Using video.currentTime = t works well but this doesn’t work for Twitch.

What are you actually trying to do

Why do you need to change the vod playhead position

Why do you need to do this on the twitch website itself?

I’m building an extension to show the highlights of a twitch video by setting tags on progress bar. I want to implement a click function on those tags which helps users jump to the precise time of highlights.

Chrome/browser Extension?

Or Twitch Extension

If the former, you should be able to use the normal JS controls to control the player as documented on the embed page, not tested it.

if the latter, just used embed player and control away

If something else, then you are embedding anyway

Chrome extension. But I can not get instance like player in embed api to do seek.