Scrub to Time on Embedded Player

Hey, folks.

I’ve got a Twitch embedded player set up. When the page loads, the embedded player loads up a VOD and starts playing. What I really need is the ability for the user to click some link on the page and behind the scenes I run some JavaScript to seek to a particular point in the video.

The problem I’m having is that I can’t find anything in the API docs that tell me how to interact with the player in this way. Does anybody here have the secret? It would also be great if there were a JavaScript function I could call to get the current time in the video.

I’d really rather not blow away the player and load up a new one with the ?t= parameter.

There’s not one currently I don’t believe, but Twitch has been working to bring a good Javascript interface to the player. I know Mike said the following a few days ago:

We’re going to get the new player documentation out in the next couple of weeks.

I would assume seek/scrub to be a basic functionality the interface will provide, but I can’t confirm that.

No to go all “forum necromancer” on this–but has there been any progress on this front? Or does anyone have any knowledge or ideas I haven’t been able to find yet?

It would be great, given a list of timestamps within the video, to be able to jump between them easily without forcing a reload of the entire player (as if the user had simply clicked in the time-bar to jump there themselves).

I have good news, as it seems with Twitch’s new HLS-capable player they’ve added video seeking.

You can call it with


where time is in seconds.