Embedding VODs: Seek and Position

I would love it if the player API would expose the current VOD position and allow me to seek programmatically. It would open the doors for automatic syncing of multiple VODs when reviewing team gameplay.

Please add this feature, surely its an easy one and would open up a lot of possibilities!



This feature already exists, but was not documented until today: https://github.com/justintv/Twitch-API/blob/master/player.md

Well isn’t that just awesome! Great stuff, thanks!

Some of these are documented, some aren’t.

Twitch player methods:
playVideo, pauseVideo, mute, unmute, fullscreen, loadStream, loadVideo, setQuality, videoSeek, setOauthToken, onlineStatus, isPaused, setVideoTime, adFeedbackDone, setTrackingData, showChromecast, setChromecastConnected, togglePlayPause

Twitch player events:
chromecastMediaSet, chromecastSessionRequested, chromecastVolumeUpdated, pauseChromecastSession, offline, online, adCompanionRendered, loginRequest, mouseScroll, playerInit, popout, tosViolation, viewerCount, streamLoaded, videoLoaded, seekFailed, videoLoading, videoPlaying, adFeedbackShow

There’s no point in documenting features which are only meant to be used on Twitch’s website. That is why the rest were not documented.

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