Is "users in chat" all viewers watching with an account?

Is “users in chat” all viewers watching with an account? Or is it just users active in chat?

People in chat.

They may not be watching the stream

Users in chat is just users with an account that’s connected to chat and joined that channel. They may or may not be active, they could be real people or bots, they may or may not be viewers. There’s not way to get any more info beyond “these accounts are in this chat channel”

Oh so as long as they’re connected to chat… even if theyre not using it? Like if the page is just loaded for them?

Or on twitchTV/channel/chat or connected via third party chat client.

So the chatters is just anyone who is in chat.

“in chat” is the part that confuses me. As in using chat? or just connected to it? sorry lol

user chat implies they sent a message.

You don’t have to send a message to be in the list.

You just have to be reading chat, or connected to chat as you put it

I see! Thankyou very much!

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