Issue with Hosted Test (once page is fully loaded extension icon disappears)

Hi, I’ve been using Developer Rig to test my extension locally, and everything works fine there. I upload the assets and move it to hosted test and add it to my stream.

For some reasons extension icon is available for a few sec and disappeared once stream page is fully loaded, see screenshot below

The only error in network logs is*mynickname*.m3u8 - 404 Can not find channel

Does anyone know why this is happening?


Thats not a relevant error

I imagine that the bundle you have made to upload to Twitch for hosted test, the zip file contains a folder of files instead of just the files.

You should have a related 404 error in network for your .html file you have specified for the video slot

Thank you for reply!

Yep, I understand thats specified error isn’t relevant but it’s only error I have in logs…

I changed bundle as you recommend, removed additional folder from zip and got the same behavior( no errors in logs, only one that specified above

any thoughts?