JS Helper: does PubSub send() to all clients?

Given a channel X and a channel Y that both have your extension installed. A client, viewer.html, on channel X performs a JS Helper send() operation. Will the PubSub message be sent to all clients of channels X and Y or just to clients in the same channel as the sender, channel X?

Based on my own experience, PubSub is separated by channel and “broadcast” will always refer to the current channel. The rate limiting of one message per second also only enforced on a per-channel-basis (see here).

Thanks BehEh, appreciate the response. I saw the docs but thought maybe it only applied to the EBS, only because the channelId would be included in the request.

Thanks again!

You broadcast to a topic of broadcast-x or you broadcast to whisper-userid

The JWT grants access to broadcast to the same channel only, so you can’t really cross talk with the JS helper