[js] Question regarding kraken clips followed

I’m wondering if somebody could explain me the results of following http request. As you can see I’m trying to retrieve the clips for a certain user. The problem is that I’m recieving clips from streamers which I’m not in “followed” state with.

Second problem, this retrieves 100 clips, and with every refresh the results change. This goes on for some refreshes untill the clips start re-occuring. What am I missing?

        var httpRequest = new XMLHttpRequest();
        httpRequest.addEventListener('load', clipsLoaded);
        httpRequest.open('GET', 'https://api.twitch.tv/kraken/clips/followed?limit=100&offset=0');
        httpRequest.setRequestHeader('Client-ID', '[snip]');       
        httpRequest.setRequestHeader('Authorization', 'OAuth ' + access_token);
        httpRequest.setRequestHeader('Accept', 'application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json');

hmm been looking at this for a while, but I think I found the problem, I can only get the clips from followed games, not from followed users, is this correct?

As the docs indicate:

Gets the top clips for the games followed by a specified user, identified by an OAuth token.

So, depending upon the OAuth token you provide, which is tied to a user account, you will get the data for that user.

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