JTV missing messages

If I do various channel commands JTV is not sending the relevant message to acknowledge (on first attempt).

.subscribers -> nothing
.subscribers -> second

jtv: This room is already in subscribers-only mode.

.subscribersoff -> nothing
.subscribersoff -> second

jtv: This room is not in subscribers-only mode.

Same behaviour with r9kmode

jtv: This room is already in r9k mode.
jtv: This room is not in r9k mode.

.host appears to be ok. I get:

jtv: 2 /host commands remaining this half hour.

(I think theres a message missing here, a HOSTTARGET one and viewer count if I’m sending a host? I forget off hand)

If I do .unhost when hosted JTV is also not sending the relevant message.
On a second attempt I do get a “you already done this” type message
.unhost -> Nothing
.unhost -> second attempt

jtv: No channel is currently being hosted.

This is under No specified TwitchClient (and IRC of course I’m on but I spotted this two days ago on the round robin so I don’t think it’s isolated)

Ban/Unban/Timeout/Mod appears to be working as expected

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